EK_agga is the brainchild of Sushma Bajaj  who dared to take an unprecedented business stride, and shaped an extraordinary trend in the footwear industry. The EK_agga store was launched in 2018 with the sole purpose of providing non-leather footwear locally and globally to the trend-conscious at affordable prices.

With an emphasis on aesthetics and functionality, EK_agga incorporates an eclectic collection ranging from open and closed flats to heels and wedges in multiple colours, patterns, and embellishments.

Remaining true to its homegrown and bespoke sensibilities, EK_agga believes in prioritising customer satisfaction to create fun and relatable fashion-forward styles with impeccable quality.



EK_agga core principal revolves around the balance of design and skilled craftsmanship, where every creative expression honours tradition. Each pair of shoes is made lovingly by artisans who are passionate  about their craft.Combining traditional and new techniques of shoemaking, our shoes are handcrafted from start to finish.These karigars who have inherited & perfected their craft since generations. This not only supports the broader community, but also keeps their craft alive.Every shoe is thoroughly checked and tested - it’s comfort and durability is measured  before  its launch in the market.

 EK_agga strives to achieve mastery in every aspect of creation and provides women around the world shoes of the highest quality.